erectile dysfunction   Erectile dysfunction associated with other risk factors

Erectile dysfunction is muscularly allied with additional risk factors, and this relationship has affirmative implications. When men look for assistance from their doctor, a fundamental - occasionally solemn - health problem, such as:

Ω diabetes,

Ω heart problems

Ω stress,

Can be acknowledged. In fact, erectile dysfunction can be seen as a barometer of cardiovascular health and it is this aspect that makes early action so crucial.

Further factors that can source erectile dysfunction comprise

Ω nerve damage

Ω other neurogenic factors

Ω hormonal factors

Ω medication side-effects

Ω penile injuries

Ω depression

Ω performance anxiety

Ω relationship problems

Ω psychosocial problems

Ω psychological distress.

Why erectile dysfunction should be treated

One would believe that each lone man with Erectile dysfunction would sprint off to acquire a prescription for Viagra sildenafil citrate, Levitra vardenafil or Cialis tadalafil. But you will be astonished to know that nine of ten men don’t, and their lack of enthusiasm can escort them to the behind schedule diagnosis of life- frightening diseases. So why don't men set off for treatment? And what can be done about it?

The complicatedness to obtain or uphold an erection might be an early caution sign that somewhat is a miss with a man’s health.

Erectile dysfunction statistics are stunning. By the year 2025, more than 200 million men worldwide are predictable to suffer from the condition (erectile dysfunction). This predictable augment is the consequence of :

Ω an ageing population,

Ω unhealthy eating habits

Ω the earlier onset of diabetes

Ω The earlier onset of obesity.

In studies globally, the frequency of ED is by no means less than 10 percent and time and again as high as 30 percent, depending on who took part in the study.